Monday, November 12, 2007

Laura Bush announces Mentoring Voucher Program

Last week Laura Bush announced a voucher-based mentoring program that will be tested over the next three years. will run the program. They'll spend the next six months getting the details together, so watch their site for updates.

From their site:
"Why use vouchers? Isn't the grant program enough? In a voucher system, many more mentoring programs, particularly smaller organizations without the infrastructure to manage a large federal grant, will be able to participate. Vouchers also extend the reach of the Mentoring Children of Prisoners (MCP) program beyond the locations of grantees to reach children of prisoners across the country.

The voucher approach also allows approved programs to increase their ability to provide high-quality mentoring services through the application of standards and training materials. It empowers caregivers by offering choice and flexibility while maintaining high quality. Caregivers will be presented with a list of mentoring options that meet their preferences in terms of location, mentoring model, and organization type and select the mentoring program that best meets their needs. Establishing caregivers as the decision-makers ensures they are an integral part of the mentoring process from the beginning, contributing to the all-important strength and length of the mentoring relationship."MENTOR :: Program Staff :: MCP Voucher

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