Monday, October 29, 2007

NY Children of Promise Partners

Big Brothers Big Sisters depends on many individuals and organizations to work with us in making NY's Children of Promise a success.

We have commitments from several key organizations to serve on a statewide advisory committee.

Advisory Committee Membership -Committed

  • The NYS Department of Correctional Services, Alicia Smith Roberts
  • Amachi Institute, Rev. W. Wilson Goode, Sr., President
  • Prison Fellowship Ministry, Mayra Alemar, NYS Angel Tree Coordinator
  • Prison Families Alison Coleman,
  • Clear Channel, Marissa Perez Rogers, Marketing Department
  • BBBS of America, Mark Scott, Director of Partnerships
  • Osborne Association, Carol Burton, Assoc. Executive Director
  • Horizon Center (Federal Prisoner Reentry Program), Gus Ramirez, Executive Director

Others we want to add to the committee:

  • Governor’s Office
  • A current mentor
  • Child of an incarcerated (or formerly incarcerated) parent
NY's Children of Promise wants to publicly thank our partners for their support and advice during the application process. We look forward to developing rich relationships that yield great outcomes for our young mentees.

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